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SWTOR: BioWare-MMORPG lost territory since February

Star Wars The Old Republic - Screenshot
Star Wars The Old Republic - Screenshot

Electronic Arts and BioWare recently announced the new numbers for their online role play game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The number of subscribers took a deep decline since February 2012, when EA reported numbers the last time. They sank from 1.7 million in February to only 1.3 million to the end of April.

EA would not have told the new figures to the public quite recently if it did not have to share its annual financial reports with stockholders. The video game publisher and developer reached a net annual income of 76 million US dollars to the end of its fiscal year. By the time last year the company had announced a loss of 276 million US dollars.

raised revenue

The overall revenue of Electronic Arts grew a bit compared to the results of last year. It was 4.14 billion USD this year and only 3.59 billion USD a year ago. Popular products have been Mass Effect 3, SSX or Kingdoms of Amalur. EA gained territory on the level of digital distribution, it is said (cf. Eurogamer). And of course FIFA 12 resulted in the best year of the soccer franchise ever.

new horizons

CEO of the company, John Riccitiello, told the press that his company is proud of the revenue made with digital downloads which is 1.2 billion US dollars. He foresees that EA will take a step away from its competitors and reach out to new spheres others could not match:

„In the coming year, we break away from the pack, with a very different profile than the traditional game companies and capabilities that none of our new digital competitors can match.“
John Riccitiello

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