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Happy Peeps: Tower Town for iPhone presented

Happy Peeps: Tower Town
Happy Peeps: Tower Town

In Crowdstar Network’s Tower Town you need to build your own skyscraper with appartements. You aim at having as much happy and paying residents as possible.

Tower Town sure will have its fans but the childish optics tend to aim at a younger peergroup and leave the core gamers behind as does the genre itself.

Happy Peeps: Tower Town joins the row of freemium games. It means you can download it for free but possibly want to pay some money for virtual credits to speed up gameplay or spend some money on tools.

You will need to download 21 MB and at least have iOS 4.1 or newer installed on your device. The game’s menu and game language is English. Tower Town supports Game Center hence you can compete against your friends.

You can sure get an idea of the gameplay in our short video presenting it. It lasts somehow tow and a half minutes.

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