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Touch Hockey 2 for iPhone presented

Touch Hockey 2
Touch Hockey 2

Probably everyone knows FlipSide5’s Touch Hockey 2 in real life. Air hockey is presented in form of an iPhone app here. Touch Hockey 2 has decent controls and promises to be fun. You need to shoot the puck into your opponent’s goal. Cushions are your friend here.

FlipSide5’s game is available for free but you might want to buy some credits in-game to manipulate the game’s progress to your favour.

You can, if you want, play for game center achievements and compare your highscore with friends. The download of Touch Hockey 2 is 48.7 MB big and your iPhone or iPod touch needs iOS 4.3 or newer installed.

FlipSide5 localized its game into different language, of course English is one of them, besides Russian, German, Spanisch and several others. In our short video clip you can take a first view at Touch Hockey 2’s gameplay.

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