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The Oregon Trail: American Settler for iPad presented

The Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a game for people looking for something with long-lasting entertainment character. The settlers want to establish something new far from home. In order to that, for example they have to cut down trees and build houses. The Oregon Trail is made sweet with its graphics and gives fans of that genre definitely much fun.

This game continues at its retro roots which appeared as early as in 1971, so you may consider this as an advanced remake. Publisher Gameloft released this game as an universal app for free. Some time passed since the original announcement of The Oregon Trail: American Settler for iPhone and iPad, however, we got you some gameplay footage. We are getting close to four minutes.

If you want to download this freemium game, you need 43.4 MB of free space on your iOS device. It must run iOS 4.3 or newer. Like as usual, Gameloft translated this game into many languages.

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