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Shape It * Connect & Make for iPhone presented

Shape It * Connect & Make
Shape It * Connect & Make

In Shape It you have to connect balls of the same color. Vertical connections are not allowed. In the beginning the game seems to be rather boring, but with more and more levels it becomes harder to connect that many balls at the same time. In addition to connecting the balls, small dirty tricks are facing the player, which makes connecting balls even harder. A little addictive potential is given.

Developer „haha Interactive“ has provided game center support for its matching game for iPhone and iPod touch, Shape It * Connect & Make. Downloading the game onto your device needs 20.3 MB of free space and at minimum iOS 3.0 or newer installed. The app costs 0.69 Pounds at this time in the app store.

Who wants to have a look at the gameplay before might want to watch our video first. We provide you with about three minutes of gameplay in it. And of course the developer offers an iPad version as well.

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