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Hardest Game Ever for iPhone presented

Hardest Game Ever
Hardest Game Ever

Hardest Game Ever – 0,02s, should be at least the hardest game ever developed for iPhone and iPod touch, according to its developer Ming Liang Chien.

Players have to solve different kind of tasks as fast as possible. For example you have to solve equations in a rush. Another task is to tip on the display as fast as you can when you see three resembling icons. 0,02s as is the subtitle of the app is not as simple as it sounds and could become addictive.

Actually the game costs 0.69 Pounds in the app store. You need to download 15.4 MB. Hardest Game Ever is localized into different languages, English as well being one of it. Gamer need at least iOS 3.0 on their iPhone or iPod touch. A version for Apples iPad does not exist.

Finally you can have a look at the gameplay in our short video. It lasts 1:43 minutes. But don’t expect too much sound.

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