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3D Mahjong Mountain for iPhone presented

3D Mahjong Mountain
3D Mahjong Mountain

In 3D Mahjong Mountain you have to find two stones of a kind as quickly as possible, to give way for two more matching stones. You can only choose those stones, which are free on the long edge and aren’t covered by another stone. The goal of the game lies in finding all pairs and remove them. With every level you close on the ultimate goal: the top of Thai Shan mountain. Different layouts of the stones make 3D Mahjong Mountain a real challenge.

3D Mahjong Mountain is a variant of an ancient asian board game. Developer mobivention offers it in two different versions. There is a premium edition and a lite edition, which can be downloaded for free for testing out the game before buying.

3D Mahjong Mountain is an universal app and supports Apple’s game center as well. The full version costs 1.99 Pounds. You have to download 41 MB and gamers need to have installed iOS 5.0 or newer at minimum to play the game on their device. Though the developer comes from Germany the game is localized into different languages, English being one of them. Have a look at the gameplay in the video beneath.

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