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2×2=4 – Fun times tables for iPad presented

2x2=4 - Fun-Times-Tabellen
2x2=4 - Fun-Times-Tabellen

2×2=4 – Fun times tables is a fun learning app, where your children learn multiplication and division the easy way. The children have to answer the tasks correctly, then a cannonball is shot from their boat on the pirate. Look out, kids: Answer quick, or else the pirate will shoot back. There are three stages, in which the tasks become harder and the speed of the game goes up.

2×2=4 – fun times tables is sold as an universal app, it means you can play it on your iPhone and iPad altogether. It actually costs 1.99 Pounds. As for game center support you will search to no avail. Buyers need to free 16.9 MB space on their iDevices, to download the game and of course you will need iOS 4.3 or later installed on it.

You can have a look at the gameplay and graphics in our short videoclip, which lasts about a minute.

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