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Tap the frog for iPhone presented

In Tap The Frog you have to… well, tap the frog. Sometimes the pink one, sometimes the single one, sometimes multiple. Of course time is playing against you. Funny idea and good implementation. Tap The Frog should be a must-have on every app-capable device.

Developer Playmous provides Tap the Frog* in versions for iPhone and iPod touch at the price of 0.69 Pounds. Game Center is supported within the collection of minigames. You are confronted with 16 small challenges and can play them against each other if you like.

You need to download 35.8 MB onto your device and iOS 4.3 or newer hast to be installed on your iPhone or iPod touch at least, though you can play Tap the Frog.

We captured the gameplay in a three minute video and are presenting it beneath to you.

* = Affiliate.

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