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Cover Orange for iPhone presented

Protect the sweet oranges against the bad cloud in Cover Orange*. With the help of items you have to cover the oranges or bring them to safety. If you don’t make it and the sour rain from the cloud reaches your oranges, you lose the game.

Cover Orange is addictive, thanks to the game’s style and design. It is what you nowadays would call a phyics based puzzle game. The game won already some awards and the app store ratings aren’t bad either.

Game Center is supported by Cover Orange. You need to download 26 MB and will want to pay 0.69 Pounds to make yourself become the guardian of the oranges. Furthermore you need at least iOS 4.3 or newer installed on your device.

In our gameplay video (nearly two and a half minutes) you can get a small glimpse on how to play Cover Orange.

* = Affiliate.

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